About Us

Every morning, the aroma of fresh coffee filled the air as my dad dropped me off at the golf course. Dad would pour a cup before we left, and I'd watch as the steam rose, carrying with it the promise of a day on the links.

Years passed, and those moments became cherished memories. As an adult, I found myself instinctively reaching for a cup of coffee before heading to the tee. The smell, the warmth, the anticipation – it was more than a routine; it was a ritual, a connection to my golfing roots.

With Birdie Coffee Company, I wanted to share that experience. Our team sources the finest beans and works directly with coffee farmers, and we made it our mission to deliver not just coffee but a sip of those memories. Now, every cup is a journey back to those early mornings, and my hope is that it creates similar moments for golfers across the world.

Welcome to Birdie Coffee Company, where every blend is crafted with a dash of nostalgia and a lot of love.